Next Stop: Munich, Venice, & Rome

Hello All!

I am a college student with a big heart for traveling, but a small budget and little time for it. I may not travel all the time, but I at least try to travel or go to cool events in my general vicinity every month.

As of late, I decided to book a trip this summer to Munich, Venice, and Rome on May 29th with a college friend! I am not posting where I will be staying for safety reasons until after my trip. My travel buddy is my friend at my college that I met my first semester at my college. This will be her first time ever traveling outside of the US so I am honored and excited to be her first international travel buddy!

We will probably go on day trips to nearby cities around Munich, Venice, and Rome, but won’t decide until we get there to see how far and the cost. Though, I’d very much like to visit Verona when I visit in Venice and maybe Amsterdam to visit a relative.

This is what I have planned so far:


  • Worn out life planner – I’m an A-type personality, so this is my baby. I use this to organize my due dates for assignments and such
  • My Microsoft Surface Pro Computer – I need this to do my blogging and work on my online summer classes
  • Rome, Florence, & Venice Travel Book by Moon – It has convenient things such as clubs, street food locations, sightseeing locations, etc.
  • Sphynx 3-1 Travel Shaver – This has got to be the coolest little travel tool for girls ever. It rotates between a sprayer, soap stick, and two razors (one bladed) to use on the go
  • Clubmaster Ray-Ban Sunglasses – My every day summertime essential
  • Michael Kors Jet, Set, Go Travel Pouch – This was gifted by my mother. It has two pockets for two individual uses like for foreign money, passport, boarding passes, and receipts.
  • “Adventure In Progress” Travel Journal – It has interactive pages such as “Draw something that you like on your travels” and cute decorated pages for writing experiences. One of my favorites. I wrote down all my flight/bus/train numbers, their times, hotels and their addresses, and more. So convenient.

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  • Rome – Roman Forum/Pantheon/Colosseum/Imperial Forum/Capitoline Museums/Circus Maximus/Piazza del Campidoglio/Crypta Balbi/Trevi Fountain/Villa Medici/Borghese Gallery/St. Peter’s Square/National Gallery of Ancient Art/St. Peter’s Basilica/Vatican Museums/Sistine Chapel/Spanish Steps
  • Venice – St. Mark’s Square/Doge’s Palace/Correr Museum/La Fenice Opera House/Guggenheim Foundation/San Giorgio Island/Rialto Bridge/Rialto Fish & Produce Markets/Sant’ Elena Island/Venetian Canals/LIbreria Acqua Alta
  • Munich –  Dachau Memorial Site/Wiener Platz/Alter Peter/Frauenkirche/Königsplatz/Tierpark Hellabrunn/Friedensengel/Jüdisches Museum/aus der Kunst/Residenz

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I don’t generally eat a lot of red meat but if it’s a popular item in a restaurant, I won’t hesitate to try it.

  • Rome – La Carbonara/Broccoletti/Crepes Galettes/Zia Rosetta/Fatamorgana/Caffe Propaganda/Pasta Imperiale/Roscioli/II Forno di Campo De Fiori/Supplizio/Da Gino/Gusto/Antico Caffe della Pace/Ciao Checca
  • Venice – Bacarando/Caffe Florian/Antiche Carampane/VizioVirtu/Vino Vero/Al Portego/Cantina Do Mori/Al Merca/Covino
  • Munich – Café Jasmin/Chocolaterie Beluga/Der verrückte Eismacher/Rusticana/Hey Luigi!/Maelu/Augustiner Bräustuben/Master’s Home/Super Danke!/Shoya/Tantris

My overall goal to traveling is to find the best dance floor in every city I visit! So I will be posting about the nightlife locations I visited 🙂

If anyone would like to share with me any places (food, nightlife, café, museum) I should visit, please feel free to comment or email me!

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