Things You Never Knew You Needed

Our world is so amazing! I mean A M A Z I N G! We have come to that time in technology and creativity where we can think of something and 99.9% of the time we can get up and just….do it! Most of these things however, people have most likely thought of it already 😉 With good ole’ money, it is as easy as point, click, type, and wait.

I have stumbled upon a few things that I thought the world needed to know about. Things that I will probably never regret buying but complain about how expensive it is:

1. Patterned Black Out Curtains by Ukranian artist, HoleRoll (not yet for sale)Shadow Art Window Blinds

2. Unique Ceramics by Katie Marks (prices vary)


Yes, those are unicorn, gilded pipes

3. Bulbasaur Succulent Planter by SOLIDFACTORY ($14.50 for small/$18.50 for medium)

Bulbasaur Planter - Aurora Blue - Pokemon

4. Miniature Hyper Realistic Urban Models by Joshua Smith (contact to buy/pricing)

5. Alcoholic Juicer by The Alchema ($499)


This is my personal favorite. It turns fruit into flipping HARD CIDER. I have expensive taste 😦 but good taste 😉

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