Tips to Monetize Online!

As I sit here eating my breakfast, I’m thinking of ways I can monetize my blog so I can live off what I love to do and not work 40+ hours a week. Like every clueless person, I looked to Google and Pinterest. Thanks to the internet, it was pretty easy to find some good ideas and companies that seem to work:

    • Clicksor
      each time someone clicks on this link, you receive $0.003. Virtually nothing, but if you get a large amount of people to just ‘click’, that adds up fast
    • BidVertiserPromote your Website with BidVertiser. Get $20 in FREE clicks. BidVertiser provides $0.01 per click or a referral program where anyone who signs up as an advertiser from your site, when they make $10, you get $5. It’s slow, but it’s better than nothing.
    • Chitika – which seems like the most legit than the first two I listed, but takes once I’m verified it doesn’t tell me how much I make per click.

If you want something more….productive and hands on, you can also get paid to promote other people’s products (aka Affiliate Marketing):

    • Commission Junction – you can sign up as a publisher affiliate to make commissions by driving traffic to advertisers. They are a little strict when it comes to your job of generating traffic, which they charge you a $10 Dormant Account Fee when nothing is generated within a 6 month period.
    • AdSense Network – this is through Google Affiliate Network that I heard is highly effective. You must go through an application and review phase before you are selected to post ads on your site.
    • ShareASale – you must also go through an application and review process, but it is a pretty good small company that allows you to be an affiliate
    • Amazon Affiliate Program – personally this is my all time favorite! It is really easy to apply. You just answer questions about your blog and you’re in. You get to find products that they provide codes for that you would like to post on your website. It’s pretty cool.

Most if not all affiliate programs must approve you before posting ads. Sadly, to do these programs, it can only be used on outside blogging sites other than WordPress 😦 since WordPress has a specific advertising program called Word Ads.

These are a few things I am currently working on and I hope they work out for you as well!

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