Repost: The Lost Art of Getting Lost

Pam Mandel’s absurdly earned travel resume is why she always have time for the same sentiments from other voices of this rootless era — and understands their grief for its loss. via The Lost Art of Getting Lost — Longreads

Tips to Monetize Online!

As I sit here eating my breakfast, I'm thinking of ways I can monetize my blog so I can live off what I love to do and not work 40+ hours a week. Like every clueless person, I looked to Google and Pinterest. Thanks to the internet, it was pretty easy to find some good... Continue Reading →

What Every Uni Student Needs to Read

It’s nearly the end of my uni semester and I currently have 4 assignments due within the next week which I’ve been pushing off at every opportunity. I could always do that essay tomorrow when I have more time, I think (then I re watch the whole season of Stranger Things.) Perhaps me writing this […]... Continue Reading →

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